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Project management

You need this if: You want to ensure oversight and coordination support for a complex initiative, especially one that involves multiple entities

Key activities conducted by education consultant may include:

  • Identify all key stakeholders and create mechanisms for engagement as appropriate (e.g., working groups, surveys, email updates, etc.)
  • Develop a project plan identifying key tasks, timelines and assigning responsibilities.
  • Estimate a project budget, allocating resources as needed in close consultation with the organization’s leadership.
  • Track and update the project plan and budget as needed and maintain .
  • Communicate overall progress with key stakeholders through weekly updates.
  • Set meeting agendas and facilitate meetings to check in on overall progress and facilitate decision-making. Capture and share key take-aways and decisions. As necessary, facilitate coordination and communication between smaller working groups.
  • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation
  • Provide logistical and administrative support to effectively and efficiently accomplish the abov

Key deliverables:

  • Project plan
  • Project budget
  • Other documentation as needed