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Board assessment

You need this if: You want a thorough review of the Board’s governance practices, membership, stewardship and revenue generation to transform the Board into a powerhouse for the organizations.

Key activities conducted by education consultant may include:

  • Work with your leadership and Board to identify goals of Board assessment and key areas of focus for the assessment
  • Review current board policy documents and governance procedures for consistency, completeness and alignment with overall organizational mission, values and strategy
  • Map current Board membership with organizational requirements to identify gaps and redundancies
  • Interview leadership and facilitate self-assessment by the Board to identify strengths and weaknesses in overall governance and stewardship provided by the Board
  • Review fundraising goals and achievements to assess revenue generation by the Board individually and collectively
  • Make recommendations for areas of improvement for Board policies, practices and membership collectively and individually

Key deliverables:

  •  Document summarizing results of assessment and key recommendations