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Foundation portfolio strategy

You need this if: You would like to identify opportunities for impact, articulate the foundation's giving strategy over the next 3 to 5 years and define a road map for how to get there.

Key activities conducted by consultant may include:

  • Work closely with foundation team to define key strategic choices facing Board and leadership.
  • Conduct research and analyses (e.g., landscape analysis, stakeholder interviews, reviews of organizational data and materials, research into national examples, etc.) to understand the landscape, identify organizational strengths, validate assumptions, and surface models / best practice / ideas to inform strategic direction.
  • Facilitate workshop with program staff and/or Board to articulate and/or refine mission, vision, goals and programmatic model - create background materials, facilitate discussion and decision-making and capture key decisions.
  • Work with program staff to develop a draft strategic plan to guide the foundation's giving and identify budget implications. Develop an implementation plan with clearly defined tasks, timelines, and assigned responsibilities. Refine based on feedback.
  • Develop communication materials and a communication plan to share new strategy with grantees and other sector stakeholders.

Key deliverables:

  • Deck or document summarizing current state analysis and strategic plan
  • Detailed implementation plan
  • Communication materials and plan