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Financial Model

You need this if: You need help with financial planning and budgeting expertise to build out a short-term and long-term budget that will guide resource allocation and future fundraising.

Key activities conducted by the consultant may include:

  • Build a detailed and dynamic financial and budgeting model that captures key revenue and cost drivers and can be easily adapted to reflect changes in assumptions.
  • Source relevant data and work with school leader to define key budget assumptions. Benchmark against other similar schools as appropriate.
  • Develop a 5-year budget forecast using budget assumptions.
  • Articulate alternate financial scenarios and test financial vulnerability under different scenarios.
  • Work closely with school leader to design a scorecard with key metrics tracking the financial health of the school.
  • Train school leader and operations director on using the budget on an ongoing basis.

Key deliverables:

  • Detailed excel financial model and 5-year budget
  • Score card for tracking financial performance