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Communications strategy

You need this if: You need a clear, consistent and compelling way to communicate with your internal and external stakeholders. 

Key activities conducted by education consultant may include:

  • Work with your leadership and Board to identify target audience (key internal and external stakeholders) and develop communication goals for each audience type. 
  • Interview/survey staff and target audience and review current communication materials to understand what's working well and identify gaps. 
  • Assess current organizational capacity in communication. 
  • Develop and test messaging targeted at each audience group.
  • Recommend a communications strategy that outlines messaging, medium and frequency of communication by target audience.
  • Develop a communication plan that outlines key tasks, responsibilities and timelines.
  • Train staff on understanding and implementing the communication plan.

Key deliverables: 

  • Target audience and key communication goals
  • Document or deck summarizing key findings from current state analysis        
  • Draft and final versions of document or deck outlining strategy          
  • Draft and final versions of actionable plan to implement communication strategy
  • Training for staff