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Data dashboards for performance management

You need this if: You want a streamlined way to capture key data for decision-making and communicate your outcomes to your Board and external stakeholders.

Key activities conducted by education consultant may include:

  • Work with your leadership and Board to identify 3-5 intended organizational outcomes and associated performance metrics (quantitative and qualitative) which are both practical to gather and important for making informed management decisions. 
  • Benchmark similar organizations to understand how they are measuring outcomes.
  • Gather and analyze available baseline data along key performance metrics.
  • Work with leadership and Board to define goals for key performance metrics.
  • Research and recommend specific instruments, processes, and tools for data collection (e.g. surveys, interview guides, spreadsheets). 
  • Design a data dashboard for use by leadership and Board.  
  • Develop an implementation plan with key next steps, timelines, and assigned responsibilities.
  • Train staff and Board on understanding and implementing the data dashboards.

Key deliverables:

  • List of performance metrics and goals aligned to your intended organizational outcomes 
  • Data collection plan 
  • Mock-up of a "dashboard" featuring key metrics
  • Implementation plan, including staff allocation and budget 
  • Training for staff and Board