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Catalyst:Ed helped us identify excellent talent options for an important consulting project and provided us with the information and guidance necessary to ensure that we made a considered decision.
— Caroline Roemer, Executive Director, Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools

Access meaningful and rewarding opportunities. 

You've been in the trenches and have experienced first-hand the ups and downs of working in education. Through it all, you've learned lessons that only come with experience.

At Catalyst:Ed, we believe your skills and experiences are invaluable and can be leveraged more broadly to help more organizations serve students and families better. If you have strong expertise in one or more areas relevant to K-12 education and an interest in project-based work, we can connect you to organizations that are looking to tap into your expertise for short-term, mission-critical projects.  

The Catalyst:Ed expert network includes both individuals and firms. 

Here's what you gain: 

  • Broaden your network: We serve organizations nationally, opening up more opportunities for you.
  • Optimize your impact: We understand education and can match you with projects that best leverage your skills and use your capacity.
  • Minimize time spent on business development: We collect and curate opportunities and notify you about projects available in your area of expertise, so you can focus on what you do best. 
  • Maintain flexibility: You get to choose which projects to work on based on your interest and availability.

How it works

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Our experts come from diverse backgrounds. Some are independent consultants or founders/partners of specialized education consulting firms who bring decades of education experience and consulting expertise. Others are stay-at-home parents or retired professionals looking to put their skills and experiences to good use while also maintaining flexibility. A third category of professionals are those still working with high-performing organizations but willing to put their skills and expertise to wider use. All have a minimum of five years of experience in their area of expertise and bring experiences working with high-performing schools, school districts, nonprofits, foundations, and state and federal education agencies. 


We invest time and effort in getting to know our talent. Our expert network has grown primarily through word of mouth, with nearly everyone referred to the network by someone who had already worked with them. We do our vetting process the old-fashioned way. We interview applicants. We call their references. We get to know not just what they are good at, but the contexts and environments that they excel in. All of this translates into the strongest pool of short-term education talent in the country.

Work on projects that leverage your expertise

Our client services are geared towards meeting the needs of organizations in the K-12 education space: schools and school districts, nonprofits, community groups, social enterprises, foundations, and government agencies. The projects listed with us vary widely depending on the needs of our clients. What they have in common is a tangible end goal, a need for specialized skills and critical importance to the organization.  

Ready to get started?

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First time on Catalyst:Ed?

Learn more about how we work and why we are right for you in our FAQs. Browse project areas and sample projects here.

Our commitment to you

  • Whether to take up a project or not will always be your choice.
  • We'll only be in touch about engagements that are directly relevant to you.
  • We will only use your name and credentials with your permission.

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