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2. During the project

        (a) Submit invoices

               i. Deliverables-based (fixed price) contract

               ii. Time and materials (hourly) contract

        (b) Check off milestones (after all applicable invoices have been submitted)

        (c) Track payments

2. (a) Track your time and expenses using the 'Time' and 'Expenses' tabs

2. (a) i. Deliverables-based contracts: Use the 'Expenses' tab to invoice once a deliverable has been completed

2. (a) ii. Time and materials contracts: Use the 'Time' tab to track your time throughout a given payment period

2. (b) Check off each milestone only after you have submitted ALL the time and expense records associated with it

2. (c) Track state of payments in the 'Time' and 'Expenses' tabs

Note: Multiple time and expense records may be associated with the same milestone.

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