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1. Before the project starts

1. (a) You will receive an e-mail invite to join ActiveCollab, our project management system

1. (a) Create your account by filling out your profile

1. (a) Once you've logged in, you should be able to view the projects you're working on

1. (b) Reivew your 'Project Approval Task List' prior to the start of the project

1. (b) Review the project documentation uploaded to the 'Files' tab by the consultant

1. (b) Review the Milestones on the 'Tasks' tab, which have been added by the consultant

1. (b) i. Here's an example of what a milestone for a deliverables-based contract should look like

1. (b) ii. Here's an example of what a milestone for a time and materials contract should look like

1. (c) If you feel any documentation or milestones need to be updated, communicate with the consultant via 'Discussions'

1. (d) Once all items are approved, you're all set. Check off your tasks in the 'Project Setup Task List"

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