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The right expertise can make a critical difference.

Faced with increasing expectations from stakeholders, more and more education organizations are recognizing that they could benefit and learn from working with experts who bring the right mix of skills and experiences required to address their needs. However, finding the right person can often be difficult and time-consuming. 

That's where we come in. If you are looking for experts to deliver outstanding results on mission critical projects without breaking the bank, we can help:

  • We know education, so we can quickly understand your requirements.
  • We have an extensive network of education professionals with a range of skills and experiences, so we can find the right person for you irrespective of what you need.
  • Our streamlined process makes it easier for you to list projects and receive bids from experts. Plus you get to choose whom to work with.
  • Our technology platform helps us make connections quickly resulting in turnaround times of as little as a week.
  • Our experts are available year-round, providing you with timely capacity when you need it.
  • We do projects of all sizes and work with your budget to get you the help you need.

There's no cost to list projects, so try us out. And you can always get help along the way from our team. We're here to help you choose the right budget, set the right scope, and answer any questions you might have.

A simple process from start to finish

  • Post a project in seconds using our simple form (or just call us if you need help).
  • Get project bids from experts who meet your needs and budget.
  • Select the expert who best fits your requirements.
  • Once your project is completed, review your experience, so we can get better at serving you.

No project is too big or small 

We serve schools, school districts, state agencies, nonprofits, community groups, social enterprises, and foundations. The education leaders and professionals in our database bring experiences working with schools, school districts, nonprofits, foundations, and state and federal education agencies across the country. Whether it's a grant application due in a few weeks, a workshop for your board or a strategic plan to define your direction over the next few years, we have you covered. 

Our professionals bring a wide range of skills and experiences across areas. You can find a list of projects relevant for schools and school districts, nonprofits, social enterprises, and foundations here. We see three distinguishing characteristics to the projects that we take on:

  1. Short-term with a tangible end goal 
  2. Require specialized skills and gain from experience
  3. Mission-critical, so truly important to the organization’s work

Learn more about our process and terms in our FAQs.


Ready to get started? 

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