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broaden your network

We serve organizations nationally, opening up more opportunities for you.

optimize your impact

We understand education and can match you with projects that best leverage your skills and use your capacity.

maintain autonomy

You get to choose which projects to work on based on your interest and availability.

Access meaningful and rewarding opportunities. 

You've been in the trenches and have experienced first-hand the ups and downs of working in education. Through it all, you've learned lessons that only come with experience.

At Catalyst:Ed, we believe your skills and experiences are invaluable and can be leveraged more broadly to help more organizations serve students and families better. If you have strong expertise in one or more areas relevant to K-12 education and an interest in project-based work, we can connect you to organizations that are looking to tap into your expertise for short-term, mission-critical projects.  

The Catalyst:Ed expert network includes both individuals and firms. 



Apply For a project

Send in a proposal and the partner
will review and interview those
experts or teams that best fit their vision.

Review Scopes

We’ll send you emails when scopes come in that are a good fit for you.

Complete the project

You and the partner will conduct the project and submit a mid- and post-project evaluations to give feedback to us and one another!


What kind of projects are listed on Catalyst:Ed?

Projects matched by us span both academic and non-academic areas and, depending on requirements, can be as short as a phone consultation or as long as a multi-year engagement. Clients come to us seeking expertise in areas as broad as strategic planning and project management and as narrow as earned revenue strategy development and Medicaid. A more detailed listing of project areas is available here.

What kind of organizations do you work with?

We work with all kinds of organizations serving kids and youth. Our clients include schools, school districts, charter school applicants, non-profits, community groups and foundations. We also work with education start-ups, startup accelerators, education consulting firms looking for excess capacity and associations.


How does Catalyst:Ed come to know of projects?

Many of the projects listed on our website currently are the result of direct outreach by us. We invest significant effort into building relationships with education organizations around the country. We also get referrals from foundations, state agencies and associations. Finally, some of the projects have come to us via our network, with network members reaching out to us when they hear of work that they are unable to take on.


Whether to take up a project or not will always be your choice. 

We'll only be in touch about engagements that are directly relevant to you. 

We will only use your name and credentials with your permission.


Ready to get started?