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A call for dei experts

You have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with education leaders, helping their organizations become more diverse, equitable and inclusive. We want to amplify your reach and impact to strengthen more organizations.

access new opportunities

Learn about and apply for projects that are aligned to your passion, skills and expertise.

broaden your network

Gain opportunities to connect with a wider range of organizations and leaders nationally.

maintain autonomy

Choose which projects to work on based on your interest and availability.

leverage supports

Connect with your peers for project-specific questions and assistance.


The case for making education organizations more diverse, inclusive and equitable has never been more urgent or compelling. Organizations like these are stronger - able to attract and retain top talent, outperform their peers, and produce better outcomes for students.  Yet, education organizations have far to go in their journey to become more diverse, equitable and inclusive. They rarely represent the students they serve, and even organizations with intentionally diverse teams struggle to create truly inclusive environments where all team members and populations served feel heard, connected and valued.

Recognizing that leaders want to advance DEI initiatives, but often struggle with how to get started or what to focus on, NewSchools Venture Fund enlisted Catalyst:Ed to create the “DEI Expert Hub”. This online platform - to be launched in Spring 2018 - will inform and connect leaders of schools, school systems, non-profits, funders, and ed tech companies with experts who know how to create strong DEI training programs, weave DEI into organizational and programmatic strategy or develop a comprehensive approach to talent management. It will also help amplify the reach and impact of individuals and organizations with deep expertise in DEI by connecting them to opportunities and to each other.


An advisory group of education leaders will help inform the design and development of the DEI Expert Hub:   

  • Amanda Fernandez, CEO, Latinos for Education
  • Caroline Hill, Chief of School Creation and Transformation, CityBridge
  • Josh Densen, CEO, Bricolage Charter School
  • Kerrien Suarez, Director, Equity in the Center
  • Kriste Dragon, ED, Citizens of the World
  • Mandela SH Dixon, Founder & CEO of Founder Gym
  • Melinda Spooner, Chief Talent and Equity Officer, ANet
  • Pamela Inbasekaran, COO, Relay
  • Scott Morgan, Founder & CEO, Education Pioneers

seeking dei expertise

Are you a coach, facilitator or technical assistance provider with deep expertise in DEI and a track record of success helping organizations become more diverse, equitable and inclusive? If yes, we would love to learn more about you through our expert intake process.