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At Catalyst:Ed, we are on a mission to change the way education organizations access and tap into expertise to solve problems and facilitate learning. We are building America's largest network of education specialists and thought leaders, so every school and nonprofit can benefit from expert insight.

Catalyst:Ed's pioneering model was born as a result of nearly a hundred conversations with education leaders and professionals, schools and nonprofits across the country about their work, aspirations and frustrations. The same themes appeared again and again in these conversations: School and nonprofit leaders spoke of tasks on their organizational to-do list that just did not get done because they did not know anyone who could do it. The thought of searching for and identifying an expert to work on a project often seemed as daunting as the project itself. At the same time, we also heard from education leaders and professionals looking for new ways to utilize their hard-earned skills and expertise, but unsure about how and where to start their search for meaningful and rewarding opportunities. 

We think we can help address both problems. Catalyst:Ed connects education leaders and professionals with organizations that need expert help for short-term, mission-critical projects, making it easier for organizations to tap into the expertise they need to serve students and families better.

We have the largest network of vetted short-term talent in education in the country. We see the experts in our network as catalysts, bringing in the extra insight, tools and capacity needed to make projects successful. And our hope is that by creating connections between organizations and experts, we can leverage the expertise that is already present in the education sector to create better academic and life outcomes for all kids.