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The NAA Catalyst Hub is a unique service connecting National AfterSchool Association (NAA) members with vetted experts for projects and training programs.

NAA members often need expert help across a range of areas, from strategic planning and governance to fundraising and workshop facilitation. They currently rely on informal recommendations from their personal and professional networks. However, this process often takes too long, requires a lot of effort and rarely sources the best or most cost-effective expert options. 

That's where the NAA Catalyst Hub comes in. It is designed to offer NAA members a quick, reliable and affordable way to connect with experts to enable organizational learning and development and address critical short-term needs. The NAA Catalyst Hub also provides expert professionals with an easy way to learn about rewarding short-term opportunities with our member organizations and demonstrate their knowledge and skills. 

The NAA Catalyst Hub is being developed in partnership with Catalyst:Ed, a pioneer in creating and managing expert networks in education. It will leverage Catalyst:Ed’s expert network, technology platform and expertise in setting up short-term engagements for success to create a seamless and easy user experience and inform decision-making.

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