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access to expertise should not be a barrier to impact. 

School and education leaders across the country are feeling overwhelmed. Rising expectations, changing demographics, new initiatives and emerging technologies have dramatically increased the scope and scale of their work. Yet, the resources available to them have not kept pace and the availability of high-caliber talent remains a huge constraint

Expert professionals are seeking opportunities to amplify their impact. They have skills and experiences that are valuable to hundreds of schools and school systems. Yet, they're limited in the number of organizations and kids they can impact and unsure about where to seek meaningful and rewarding opportunities. 

What if we could extend the reach of experts so they help more organizations and impact more kids? Catalyst:Ed connects education leaders and professionals with organizations that need expert help for short-term, mission-critical projects. We help organizations tap into the expertise they need to serve students and families better and provide expert talent access to opportunities that amplify their impact. 

We see the experts in our network as catalysts, bringing in the extra insight, tools and capacity needed to make projects successful. And our hope is that by creating connections between organizations and experts, we can leverage the expertise that is already present in the education sector to create better academic and life outcomes for all kids.

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We like feedback. We ask our partners for feedback after scoping, during projects and after projects. And this is what they say:


of our partners say they will use our services again and recommend us to others. 

Why do they like working with us? The three reasons we hear again and again are: the caliber of our talent, the rigor of our process and the money saved.



We attract the best talent in the sector and invest time and effort into getting to know our consultants. Our partners see the difference:

"I was so impressed by the caliber of talent and proposals that we received through your platform."
"We got 8 proposals in total for our project, including two we sourced through our own networks. Our top 3 contenders were all your consultants."
"I am eternally grateful to Catalyst:ED for introducing me to someone who brought deep expertise and commitment to children and education.”
"I honestly had no idea there were so many outstanding folks out there doing this work. You've dramatically increased our possibilities for us."



Our scoping and matching process guides organizations through every step, enabling them to make informed choices:

"You added so much value to us through every step of the process. We have been wanting to do this project for the last three years, and we're so glad to finally get started on it."
“Catalyst:ED was extremely professional and responsive. They understood exactly what we were looking for and worked with our timeline to quickly identify highly qualified professionals for our project.”
“Working with you was like having an organizational therapist and education specialist help us think through exactly what we needed.” 
"Thank you SO much for working with me throughout this process. I'm very pleased with how our project rolled out. Please know that I will continue to use your services for our future efforts."



We help organizations find talent options that work within their budget. On average, partners are able to access high-caliber expertise at prices that are 40-60% of what they pay elsewhere:

"The consulting firms we had previously reached out to proposed budgets that were 3X the budgets proposed by consultants in your network. And your consultants were better!"
"Your scoping process really helped us hone into the elements of our project that would add the most value to us. Once we focused on the must-haves, we were able to find a consultant to work with us well within our budget."